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    Wow! Birth – a crazy experience.
    Thank you for helping, talking, and guiding me through it! Your calm and peaceful presence helped me feel safe and comfortable during the birth. Thank you for all your help before and after and all you knowledge of baby things . . . nursing, etc.
    And most of all Thank You for the home birth. How fortunate I feel for that alone. I loved being in my room, not having to drive, the whole thing was fantastic. I loved being at home.
    - Love, Christine

    We wanted to thank you for all of your help, expertise and care you gave to all 3 of us during the pregnancy, labor and birth, and since Reece’s birth. We are all very grateful for your services and feel so lucky that you are working in Bozeman. The care you gave us was beyond what we had hoped for.
    - Thank you. Sherri, Marc, and Reece

    Both our kids are growing strong and healthy.
    I wanted to thank you for helping bring them into the world. I am so lucky to have met you! My births couldn’t have been better experiences. I thank you for your understanding and ability to listen. I am also so grateful for the knowledge you imparted to both Chris and myself concerning the natural birthing process – we are both huge advocates.
    I feel empowered by the decisions I made and how my body responded to the demands of laboring. I will never forget you Stacey and the difference you made in our family’s lives.
    - Aislinn

    We have a healthy baby. I have a healthy and confident and content wife. Our “birth wishes” have all come true. And in no small part, this is due to you. We trusted you and you treated us all with respect and earnest care. I will forever be grateful for what you have helped us achieve. Thank you. Thank you. I personally could not be happier.
    - Michael

    Thank you, thank you, for all of your support on our journey to birthing Nina and to becoming a family of four. We felt wholly supported by your questions and thoughtful listening, and by the information offered that enabled us to make the best decisions for our family along the way. We are really grateful we were able to work with you as our midwife.
    - Sincerely, Matt, Miranda, Ella and Nina

    I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your participation in our son’s birth. Clearly you have a certain kind of magic in supporting women as they grow their babies and in helping them bring those babies into the world. I felt in such good hands my whole pregnancy and during the birth. Thank you for your warmth, gentleness and savvy.
    - Paula