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    Prenatal Care  |   Birth and Postpartum Care

    Getting started – free interview visit

    Come in and get acquainted. We look forward to meeting you. We’ll spend an hour answering your questions and explaining our services in order to give you the information you need to make your pregnancy and birth care decision.

    Initial Visit

    Your first prenatal care visit is a longer appointment with lots of talking. We cover your health history, physical activity level, nutrition, as well as review our informed consent and financial/insurance paperwork. We’ll also do a physical exam and review, chose, and collect the lab work that is appropriate for you. If you've had earlier prenatal care elsewhere, we will request your records and review them together.

    Return Visits

    Prenatal visits are scheduled each month until your 28th week of pregnancy and then increase to every two weeks until 36 weeks. For the last part of your pregnancy, we meet weekly. We schedule an hour for most visits, so that you have ample time to get your questions answered. If you are planning a home birth, we visit you there once during the last month of pregnancy to assist you further in planning your birth.