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    Prenatal Care  |   Birth and Postpartum Care

    Home or Birth Center Birth

    We are happy to attend your birth in your home or at our birth center. You can have a waterbirth in either location. We will labor with you until you give birth and stay with you afterward to help you settle in.

    Postpartum Visits

    After your baby is born we will visit you in your home for the first week. We provide nursing support, exercise and nutrition suggestions for your recovery, and lots of practical support. After the first week, we meet in the office at least bi-weekly. Our care ends at 6 weeks when you transition over to regular health care provider.

    Breastfeeding Support: home and office visits

    Breastfeeding Support is included in your care package with Birth Place during your 6 week postpartum care. For families who have given birth elsewhere, we are happy to meet with you to help with latch, milk coming in, milk supply issues, etc. We have home and office appointments available. For all families we offering continuing care throughout the nursing relationship. Later visits often involve pumping and milk storage, creating a nursing plan for returning to work or school, nursing a teething baby, nursing a toddler, or weaning issues.

    Free drop-in baby weighing

    Stop in and weigh your baby. Whether for peace of mind that your baby is growing or bragging rights for how fast your baby is growing, it can be incredibly helpful to have access to an accurate baby scale.