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    Jaime June found breastfeeding her first child very difficult. She attributes her nursing success to working with a wonderful IBCLC. The support that Jamie received inspired her to pursue education in lactation counseling and consultation.

    Jaime complete her Certified Lactation Counselor in September of 2012. In January of 2013 she began hosting a breastfeeding support group at the BirthPlace. (She continues hosting the group every other week.) In the fall of 2014 Jamie began the University of San Diego Lactation Consultant Program. She successfully passed the IBCLC board exam in July of 2015.

    Jaime has worked for the Billings Clinic as a Lactation Consultant in Labor and Delivery and the NICU since February 2015.

    Jaime has a love of the outdoors. She enjoys skiing, backpacking and camping with her husband and three children: Jackson, Everett and Cora.

    Jaime June, IBCLC