13.Feb.2017 The Family Act

“At some point, nearly every worker faces a moment when they need leave, whether it’s to bond with a new baby, care for an aging parent, or recover from a serious illness or injury.” timeformontana.org

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As anyone who has worked with me knows, I am a huge proponent of paid leave for new parents.  The physical, emotional, financial, and relationship stress put on a new family by the lack of paid leave challenges almost everyone I work with. The US is the only developed country that does not have paid leave.

Four states have stepped in to address this strain placed on their citizens.

Now Montana can make it five.

HB 392, The Family Act, has been introduced in the Montana Legislature by Representative and Minority Leader Jenny Eck.

Amazingly great organizations support this bill:  AARP, The Montana Budget and Policy Center, The Montana Coalitions Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the Montana Human Rights Network, Montana Women Vote, and SEIU775.

The bill’s supporters have set up a website Time for Montana  to help us all understand this wonderful bill. Check it out. The information is fantastic. HB 392 The Family Act will provide paid leave to most Montanans. It is funded fairly so that we all benefit.

The bill itself covers more events than birth, adoption, or fosterage of a child. It also includes people who need leave to care for their own illness, the illness of a family member, and to care for a recovering service member.

Paid leave is good. Graham and Lucy

This is what you can do.

Learn More  — check out the website http://timeformontana.org. Also, for the wonky among us, the Montana Budget and Policy Center has a great report on HB392 that can be found here Montana Budget and Policy Center

Send a Thank You note — Rep. Jenny Eck can be reached at PO Box 1206, Helena, MT 59624-1206 or at Rep.Jenny.Eck@mt.gov. I think a handwritten note is classy but any thank you is appreciated.

Add Your Story — how did not having paid leave affect your family?  Did you have paid leave and how did that help? You can share your story here and stay connected to the movement for Paid Leave for All.

Legislators need to know that we care about Paid Leave for All. Sign up to stay informed here.

You can always contact your legislator at 1-406-444-4800 or at www.leg.mt.gov.

But if you need any help at all, let me know.  I will gladly help you connect

Yay!  Paid Leave for All!

We can make this happen.






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