08.Aug.2016 The BIG Latch On!


2016-08-05 21.29.02 2016-08-05 21.30.13
2016-08-05 22.36.47
2016-08-05 22.53.44 2016-08-05 23.10.58Thanks to everyone who stopped by the BIG Latch On this past Saturday.

Many, many thanks and congratulations to the Gallatin Breastfeeding Coalition for all their work. The BIG Latch is a Coalition effort and it was great to see so many supporters of breastfeeding on Saturday. [The Coalition is very active in our community. To get involved, click on the link and check out the website.]

The volunteers had gathered wonderful prizes. Snacks and water were provided. Several demonstrations were planned for the afternoon including:

Gloria of Blissful Family Yoga

led a great Mommy and Me Yoga class.

And Sprouts

was able to demo cloth diapers.


In addition to families that had planned on joining the Big Latch, lots of folks stopped by on their way to the Sweet Pea Festival.

The dashing man in the cowboy hat and sun glasses is a retired pediatrician who regaled us with stories of supporting breastfeeding on military bases.  He was quite thrilled to encounter us.

And check out the t-shirt on the gentleman on the left: Real Me Support Breastfeeding. Yes, they do (and he sure does). And shouldn’t we be selling those shirts????

Jazmin and I loved seeing everyone who was able to attend. These babies keep growing and the breastmilk makes for attractive children.

We hope you enjoyed the BIG Latch On.

Remember, August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

Breastfeed with Pride!


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