22.Feb.2010 Chris’s Birth Story

Well, I think it was 5:30 AM, Sunday January 17th when I awoke to my wife, Becky having contractions. So, we decided to call the midwife. Stacey told Becky I should stay home from work, and I did so without any argument. The day went on and on, contractions nowhere to be found on the metronome. They were all over the map hitting here and there at different times and places like a kamikaze pilot-each time seeming to be closer to the end…but each engagement ending in a false alarm (or so we thought).

Latter on that day, Becky’s sister, Mary arrived to a realization that her little sister was in labor. So, Becky called the midwife again, and again she told us to wait for clearer signs. So, we did, and all of us went to the store in the 1971  VW Bus, which I had suggested-little knowing Becky was in some of the final stages of her epic journey nearing the finish line of her pregnancy. I think that I picked the wrong transportation device. One look over at Becky and I could tell she was about to explode like a shook up hornets nest. (I figured we better make this one a short trip.)

When we got back home, Becky laid down and took a nap. She couldn’t sleep so I got her a little glass of wine and that seemed to help. It had for a little bit before she was up and out of bed and got sick for the first time of her pregnancy. She called the midwife again, but we were reassured to wait just a bit longer so we all did again as suggested.

Becky got back in bed, while Mary and I began to fill up the birthing tub, checking the water temp constantly like paid professionals so it could be just right for the Big Show. Because a show is what I knew it would be from the observation of my wife over many years. I knew I would have to sit in the back seat for once and let her do what she’s good at, which is anything she puts her mind to.

While the tub was on its way to completion Mary and Becky decided that it was time for the show to begin. It was 9:15PM or so and Stacey, the midwife and her assistant, Tiffany were on the way like two comic book heroes answering to the spot light in the clouds with the birthing baby signal in the middle. Around 9:56 the birthing duo arrived and went upstairs to Becky who was not eager to move down stairs but instead to have it right there on the floor. But a reunion with reality came back to Becky, and she lured herself to the tub at 10:00 with the help of the birthing heroes.

Mary and I were invited into the living room-lights dimmed, popcorn and sourpatch kids in hand. It was time for the feature presentation to begin. The show began with war cries as the two titans began their battle of a beginning of a new life-from one body to each their own separate entities to share their lives together as great partners till the end of time. Pushing back and forth against each other the labor went on not knowing when it would end. And then, the head appeared. With the pain of the great battle unimaginable Becky showed no distractions in the process of the journey. Mary and I got up to be able to see what we could see, and before I could get all the way to the pool, Becky was diving after the baby like a fish jumping out of a canoe. The battle was over at 10:57PM, the two warriors united together for the first time on the outside world. What a beautiful thing it was to see the birth of our baby girl in our own source of comfort (our house). I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Thanks so much for the experience.

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