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30.Apr.2010 BirthWorks graduates

Alain and James had such a touchingly beautiful birth. I can’t believe that it is time for them to graduate from BirthWorks. Their lovely daughter Grace has grown so much. She spent our entire visit today flirting with the world. Congratulations to all three of you. It was such a pleasure to be present at […]

12.Apr.2010 Welcome, Linden!

Little Linden stepped out into the world on April 6. He’s the first baby born here at BirthWorks since our remodel. Here is the happy family, heading home.  Congratulations! and welcome to Linden.

05.Apr.2010 More Great Research on the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Check out this article published in the Washington Post demonstrating, yet again,  the overwhelming benefits of breastfeeding.  Breast-feeding would save lives, money.  At this point in time, we know that babies were born to nurse and that nursing confers substantial life-long benefits to mothers and babies.  Somehow the formula industry has persuaded us that formula is […]

02.Apr.2010 Blog Recognition

Well, as my Southern girlfriend would say, “Clutch my Pearls!” I was more than a little pleased and flattered to find that this blog has been listed among the “50 best blogs for midwives” by the I did know that this site got a lot of traffic.I didn’t know anyone was out there evaluating […]

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