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22.Feb.2010 Real Labor

Usually when labor is described it sounds so linear, so logical. A woman has contractions that cause her cervix to thin and eventually to open. For a first labor, the cervix dilates about one centimeter per hour. Once the cervix is dilated to 10 centimeters, a woman pushes her baby through the pelvis and into […]

Becky’s Birth Story

I started getting contractions Saturday night around 10 PM. Knowing that they were not evenly spaced I tried to go to sleep, but could not because of the pain. As the night progressed, the contractions did not let up. So, I decided to get up and time them. They seemed to be coming about every […]

Chris’s Birth Story

Well, I think it was 5:30 AM, Sunday January 17th when I awoke to my wife, Becky having contractions. So, we decided to call the midwife. Stacey told Becky I should stay home from work, and I did so without any argument. The day went on and on, contractions nowhere to be found on the […]

09.Feb.2010 Sad but expected: more women are dying in childbirth

Over the last several days I have received many, many copies of the following article. Basically, the medical establishement has finally noticed that many more women are dying in childbirth than should be. In fact the title of the article is It’s now more dangerous to give birth in California than it is in Kuwait […]

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