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19.Aug.2009 Midwives and Mothers need your help

Dear Friends, I am writing to ask for your help.  I am part of the MAMA Campaign, Midwives and Mothers in Action. Some kind of health care reform will pass this fall.  We are trying to include a small amendment that would secure Medicaid recognition of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in order to increase access […]

Help make midwives available to more families

MAMA CAMPAIGN     Talking Points for Faxed Letters or Emails to Your Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman’s DISTRICT OFFICE (updated 8/10 ehd)   Your senator is  Senate Finance Committee Chaired Max Baucus from Montana. His committee is playing a central role in drafting health reform legislation.  We need the Senator’s support to see that Certified Professional Midwives are […]

18.Aug.2009 Eiseley: She did it her way

Some births just challenge my beliefs.  I believe that babies are born when they are ready. I believe that each child and each birth is unique. I believe that birth works. At least, I thought I believed those things. Eiseley is six years younger than her older sister, and her older sister’s birth kept coloring […]

05.Aug.2009 Hello world!

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