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21.Sep.2016 Birth Place Breastfeeding Rates

Every year we tally up our breastfeeding rates for Breastfeeding Awareness Month and print up a report. It is such a fun time re-connecting with all the fine families we work with. I have been doing this report every year since 2009 and have learned a few things about what works with breastfeeding support.  One […]

28.Aug.2016 Breastfeeding Through Adversity

Poppy was born in the Spring at home. It was one of the most beautiful births I have ever seen. Her mother Jen and father Marty labored together with such love.  They radiated joy when Poppy was born. Nursing was not an easy start for these three. Even though Poppy had enjoyed all the benefits […]

26.Aug.2016 Work and Breastfeeding

So many of the moms who birth with us return to work while breast feeding. I thought I’d chat with someone who has first hand experience of breastfeeding and working. Meet Tara. Tara nursed both of her children. She also worked. With her second baby, Tara started a new job in her sixth month of […]

08.Aug.2016 The BIG Latch On!

  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the BIG Latch On this past Saturday. Many, many thanks and congratulations to the Gallatin Breastfeeding Coalition for all their work. The BIG Latch is a Coalition effort and it was great to see so many supporters of breastfeeding on Saturday. [The Coalition is very active in our […]

03.Aug.2016 Milk Donation Is Easy!

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. We love breastfeeding here at the Birth Place. One of the ways that we support mothers and babies is to act as a Milk Donation Station. We can help a woman become a breast milk donor and can ship her milk to the Milk Bank. Babies in need can then […]

05.Sep.2014 Birth Place goes on tour to the Mothers’ Milk Bank!

Last week, Stacey and Terri from the Birth Place toured the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana. A little history first: A while back we had an eager little baby who wanted to be born before 36.5 weeks gestation. And as you all know, at the Birth Place we can care for low risk, full term, […]

11.Aug.2011 International Breastfeeding Awareness Month

For International Breastfeeding Awareness month we did something I’ve always wanted to do. We called all our clients and asked about their breastfeeding duration. Thanks to everyone who responded. What we learned is that we have great outcomes. We thought we had great outcomes, but now we can document them. Here’s the study! Breastfeeding Rates […]

17.Aug.2010 SIDS and breastfeeding– the Analytical Armadillo puts breastfeeding as biological norm.

Here’s a great blog post from a kindred spirit.  I have mentioned in the past my bewilderment that we are explaining the benefits of breastfeeding as opposed to detailing the deficits of formula feeding. (An example: breastfed infants have higher IQs vs formula fed infants have lower IQs. Breastfeeding is the biological norm. Data should […]

20.May.2010 Finally, Research with Breastfeeding as the norm.

I really, really want to help women nurse their children. And I really, really want to help change the world to make nursing easier for women. Which means that in addition to my midwifery practice, my home visits, etc., I also end up at a lot of conference about breastfeeding,  about make workplaces breastfeeding friendly, […]

05.Apr.2010 More Great Research on the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Check out this article published in the Washington Post demonstrating, yet again,  the overwhelming benefits of breastfeeding.  Breast-feeding would save lives, money.  At this point in time, we know that babies were born to nurse and that nursing confers substantial life-long benefits to mothers and babies.  Somehow the formula industry has persuaded us that formula is […]

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