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31.Oct.2014 A Haunting Birth

This is a true story. I have waited a couple of years to tell it to protect the privacy of those involved. Bewarned! Nothing has frightened me more than this birth story. One evening a few years ago, I was up at the hospital. We had transferred for some pain relief after a very, very […]

26.Aug.2011 Daemon’s Birth Story

Birth Story: Daemon James Our day started out as pretty normal, went shopping and had another appointment with Stacey to see how things were going. All was good so we came home to make a belly cast. While preparing and laying on the floor, my back starting hurting so we stopped and I tried to […]

14.Jun.2010 Children at Birth

When my brother was born (back in 1972), my father was allowed to watch the birth through a small glass window in the delivery room door. I was six, and my dad had to split his attention between me (in the hospital waiting room, children were not allowed inside) and the drama behind the glass […]

12.Mar.2010 Another Lovely Birth Story

Many thanks to Sara, Scott, and Ben for sharing their birth story and photos. Ben’s birth was such a gentle entry into the world. He peacefully slid into his Dad’s hands and up into his parents’ arms. He was so content and quiet that I had to listen to his lungs with a stethoscope several […]

Benjamin’s Birth/Sara’s Story

Where to start? It seems there were a lot of people in my life waiting on a lot of babies right about the time Ben was supposed to come (his due date was Feb. 5), and they ALL arrived before him! It wasn’t bothering me, up to a point. But then, it started to get […]

22.Feb.2010 Real Labor

Usually when labor is described it sounds so linear, so logical. A woman has contractions that cause her cervix to thin and eventually to open. For a first labor, the cervix dilates about one centimeter per hour. Once the cervix is dilated to 10 centimeters, a woman pushes her baby through the pelvis and into […]

Becky’s Birth Story

I started getting contractions Saturday night around 10 PM. Knowing that they were not evenly spaced I tried to go to sleep, but could not because of the pain. As the night progressed, the contractions did not let up. So, I decided to get up and time them. They seemed to be coming about every […]

Chris’s Birth Story

Well, I think it was 5:30 AM, Sunday January 17th when I awoke to my wife, Becky having contractions. So, we decided to call the midwife. Stacey told Becky I should stay home from work, and I did so without any argument. The day went on and on, contractions nowhere to be found on the […]

14.Jan.2010 Trent

In April of 2009 my husband and I were excited to find that I was pregnant with our 3rd child. The pregnancy proceeded along without incident but our excitement was soon dampened when my OBGYN informed me that I would not be able to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Our other two children […]

18.Nov.2009 Halloween Baby

By this time in my career, I have attended births on almost every holiday — but not my favorite, Halloween. This year was my lucky year. Catherine had been clear: she wasn’t going into labor early because her mom couldn’t make it.  Her mom would fly in on a Friday. Catherine would have her baby […]

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