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28.Mar.2017 More Wonderful Midwives!

I had another great week for visiting with out-of-town midwives. On a Tuesday I got a message from Melissa McDunn, a nurse-midwife from Great Falls. She and her birth assistant were coming to Bozeman and would be at the Birth Place by 1pm. They wanted a tour. Well, Tuesdays are clinic days and are particularly tightly […]

12.Oct.2016 A Perfusion of Midwives

In physiology, perfusion is the process of a body delivering blood to a capillary bed in its biological tissue. The word is derived from the French verb “perfuser” meaning to “pour over or through.”  Wikipedia I just love my clients, but sometimes I need something more. I need to be with women who understand what […]

05.Sep.2013 BirthPlace breastfeeding rates — exceptional.

Thanks to all our clients who participated in our annual breastfeeding rates survey. The results are attached to this note. We really want to point out that most women can breastfeed if they get support. Our clients, lovely as they are, are not superwomen. They work. They have other children. They have busy lives. And […]

11.Jul.2011 Puppies,Babies, and our ability to love

I had a lovely al fresco breakfast in my backyard. Every other bite of spinach salad was interrupted by my 7 month old puppy. She wanted me to toss her ball, to rub her ears, to play tug-of-war and then she would wander off to eat a peonie or watch the chickens or patrol the […]

14.Feb.2011 Nurse-IN in Nation’s Capital Has Bozeman Connection

Kudos to Amber and Mark and their beautiful daughter for their part in the successful Nurse-IN at the Smithsonian.  I was lucky to be their midwife and attend their amazing birth. I am thrilled to know that they are such great agents of change for families and babies. Here’s a Washington Post article about the Nurse-In.  […]

17.Aug.2010 SIDS and breastfeeding– the Analytical Armadillo puts breastfeeding as biological norm.

Here’s a great blog post from a kindred spirit.  I have mentioned in the past my bewilderment that we are explaining the benefits of breastfeeding as opposed to detailing the deficits of formula feeding. (An example: breastfed infants have higher IQs vs formula fed infants have lower IQs. Breastfeeding is the biological norm. Data should […]

30.Apr.2010 BirthWorks graduates

Alain and James had such a touchingly beautiful birth. I can’t believe that it is time for them to graduate from BirthWorks. Their lovely daughter Grace has grown so much. She spent our entire visit today flirting with the world. Congratulations to all three of you. It was such a pleasure to be present at […]

12.Apr.2010 Welcome, Linden!

Little Linden stepped out into the world on April 6. He’s the first baby born here at BirthWorks since our remodel. Here is the happy family, heading home.  Congratulations! and welcome to Linden.

02.Apr.2010 Blog Recognition

Well, as my Southern girlfriend would say, “Clutch my Pearls!” I was more than a little pleased and flattered to find that this blog has been listed among the “50 best blogs for midwives” by the I did know that this site got a lot of traffic.I didn’t know anyone was out there evaluating […]

09.Mar.2010 One year later, look at this handsome man.

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